About Us

Our company was founded in 1987 doing mainly general car repairs. From 1993 – the decree was issued about the autogas legalisation in Hungary- converting into autogas is became our main operation. From 1993 continual growth , from 1996 till today we are carrying out the most conversions (around 20000).

We have fulfilled two environmental competition on 1200 cars.

From 1998 our wholetrade supplies 25 garages in Hungary with autogas system parts.

In 1999 we have dealership and from 2003 we are representative of Lovato.

From 2004 Our company is the main distributor of the Zavoli company. All our products have the required International and Hungarian certificates. With our website we would like to offer useful information and advice to all who are interested in operating and installing Autogas and give information about the profile of our company.

Our profile:

  • General car repair
  • Repairing cars with injection system
  • Installation of autogas systems
  • Wholetrade of autogas system parts
  • Technical advice
  • Preparation for technical inspection of vehicles
  • Technical inspection of vehicles
  • Originality test
  • Remaking onto mixed mode Diesel-LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)