Questions often asked

Does the engine operate solely on LPG?

No, it does not. The engine operates on diesel gas. LPG is used only for more complete burning.

How is the system connected to the motor?

After the turbo LPG is injected into the engine.

How does LPG system affect the engine?

  • As burning is more complete the engine runs longer its parts being kept in better quality oil (provided that the oil is duely changed).

  • Since burning is more complete the engine parts are less stressed.

  • The gasous fuel is completely mixed with the intaken air in the engine. Its main advantage is that LPG contains simpler hydrocarbons in contrast to the traditional fuels. Gas fuel contains less particles and contamination.

  • As the injected LPG fuel causes perfect burning the performance will increase and the harmful emission decrease.

What makes the engine run quieter and steadier?

The more perfect burning

What happens if the gas is used up?

The system switches back automatically to diesel running by giving a beep signalling the change.

What happens if the gas system fails?

At any faults of the gas system the engine switches back immediately to diesel running.

Will the engine get warmer while operating on gas system?

No, it will not. Because the performance of the engine increases it does not need to work harder thus it will not get warmer. Furthermore the emission temperature will get lower as less fuel comes into the exhaust system.

What tank size is needed?

Usually the 1/3rd of the diesel tank size. The gas fuel tanks are made in variable sizes and forms offering the most suitable size to the vehicle.

How is it possible that the emission of soot, smoke and flue dust (particles) are ended?

Running the car on diesel fuel the engine burns 85% of the fuel. Added gas results in burning 98-99% of diesel fuel. It solves one of the most serious environmental problem, the flue dust.

Is it legal to use gas system in the car?

Yes, it is. All parts of our product has the neccessary European Union certificates. Furthermore the gas system controller electronics are examined by TÜV Reinland and MEEI.

What is the procedure of legalizing the gas system?

A certificate is made about the installation. On the basis of that document the National Transportation Authority examines the car as dual car system vehicle.

How are the costs reduced?

By adding 15-20% LPG 20-30% of the diesel fuel can be saved resulting simultaneously 10-20% increase in performance and torque.